Ícaro Ferre is an electronic artist, music hacker and maker from São Paulo, Brazil.

Since 2013, Ícaro has also been releasing music and hardware products for artists and producers through his company Spektro Audio.
His experience in software development and modular synthesis led to the creation of CV Toolkit, a software designed to control modular synthesizers which has been reviewed by publications such as Synthtopia, CDM and Resident Advisor.
While exploring the world of generative music composition, Ícaro Ferre created ACDGEN, an algorithmic sequencer available in both software and hardware formats that is now used by artists like LouLou Players, Shadow Child, Gui Borato, L_cio, Kolombo, Sirus Hood, Arjun Vagale and many others.

Through his work in music technology, Ícaro has worked on projects for artists such as Gui Boratto, Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead / RAMU), Sonic Mayhem and companies such as Roland, Korg, Cycling’ 74, Black Corporation, RecoSynth, littleBits, and Strange Electronics.

As an artist, Ícaro Ferre combines his experience in technology with influences from differents genres such as IDM, Drum’n Bass, UK Garage, Brazilian Funk, and House to create and explore new sounds.
Some of his work has been released music on labels such as the brazilian Playperview and the russian How2Make.
In his live performances, Ícaro Ferre uses multiple custom tools created by himself, modern instruments and modular synthesizers to create unique experiences for the dancefloor.